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(World premieres only)

Christian Marclay             

Investigations for 20 pianos (2018)

Roger Marsh                      

But Still.... for soprano, viola, and piano (2017)


John Stringer                     

Pansori for viola and piano (2017)

Patrick John Jones         

Cast after Moholy-Nagy for piano and orchestra (2016)


David Lancaster               

Batubulan (2015)


Benjamin Gait                   

Under the mile off moon we trembled listening for horn and piano (2015)


Christopher Fox               

Pièce de Résonance (2015)


Garrett Sholdice               

Fragment for violin, cello, and piano (2015)


James Poke                        

Rondo alla York (2015)


Christian Mason              

1.v. (forever) for horn and piano (2015)


James Whittle                  

Temporary Remodies for Recurring Evils for talking pianist (2015)


James Williamson          

Tänze einer bis sieben (2015)


Jisun Yang                         

Weeping Trees (2013)


Chris Paul Harman          

Concertino (2008)

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